Noble House

House Lancaster
The Reach

Resouce Value
Defense 19
Influence 32
Lands 38
Law 27
Population 25
Power 30
Wealth 21

Founding: Old, Rhoynar Invasion, 1d6+1

Historical Events: DoomDONE, FavorDONE, FavorDONE, InfrastructureDONE, FavorDONE

Holdings: Tower (75 months). First-born son. Hamlet, Coast, Road, River, Woods(dense), Grasslands x5. Port, Maester.

-2 House Fortunes from Law. +1 House Fortunes from Population.

Holding’s Benefits: Benefit: Units defending a tower gain a +1 bonus to their Defense

Motto: “But One Path”

Noble House

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